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Tragically, John passed away during the show's filming, but his influence clearly lived on in later seasons.It goes without saying that we were all fortunate to have a few final moments of John doing what John did best, and that's just one of the things that made 8 Simple Rules a standout.

This moment flies by and I wanted to make sure that we had the most beautiful photos to cherish. I’ve taken a ton of pictures during my pregnancy, but doing a professional photo shoot insured that I would accomplish the look and feel of the shoot that I was going for.

I think it’s really important to communicate to your photographer exactly what you want and what you’re looking for. I was very vocal with my photographer, expressing my wants and desires for the shoot.

That way the photo shoot is a collaboration and everyone is on the same page. Maybe they will enhance what you are already thinking for the shoot.

So we decided it would be on Saturday, I went into Motherhood Maternity and found a great outfit, and started to plan the look and feel of the shoot!

I mapped out how I wanted my make up and hair to look, as well as putting about five other outfits together to complete the feel of what I wanted.

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