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According to the brokerage's market report for the first quarter of 2017, one-bedrooms are a hot commodity in Long Island City.

The neighborhood saw a 29 percent increase in purchases of one-bedrooms from last year, and 71 percent of all condo purchases were one-bedrooms, up from 42 percent in 2016.

During that time prices for the hotels and lodges are outrages. Read more Long term travelling or even moving to a new country can be challenging. A few years ago I heard a phrase from a client, “San Diego is a place where God goes on vocation.” What a great way to describe this charming beautiful city! Read more Gas lamp District / Downtown Not so much for sightseeing, but more as an entertainment center.

You will face many unfamiliar things all at once: language (in some cases), cultural traditions, food, dress code, an... All clubs, lounges and main bars are to be found here.

To be sure, I have been encouraged to keep my sexual orientation to myself.

To pursue this point any further would bring my own sexual orientation into question — or so I fear.

Once the panic button is hit they will marry a door knob if they have to, so any age is possible.

In China and Vietnam girls will hit the panic button around 26 if they are not married. In Japan the panic button is hardwired at 25, but the reality is slightly different. I'm 30 and she's cool with it, but only after I got my food in the door telling her I'm 26.

Both of them were heading to San Francisco and reg...

Passengers next to me were excited and complaining at the same time.

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