Celebrate 100 days dating

Posted by / 17-Jan-2018 13:55

The first month anniversary, the second and the third. Those 100 days give you time to decide if you are still willing to give your self, your time, effort for that person after all the things that you learned from him/her. Most people become aggressive like, it doesn't matter if they know the person or not, they like each other and then they'll stay together.

A relationship without love being expressed is an empty relationship. This is a pretty old tradition that’s related to the seonbae-hubae relationship you see often at work, where during hwesik the senior will pay for all the juniors (this has happened virtually every time I’ve gone out for lunch during work).When I blind-dated a Korean lady quite older than me (before falling in love with Mimi), it was quite awkward between us when I tried to foot the bill at the places we ate. ALWAYS SAY "I LOVE YOU" AND LOVE HIM/HER EVEN MORE.If you are guy and dating a Korean girl, then I’ve got some ideas for you!

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Koreans can be quite shy and it’s not normal to start talking to strangers on the street.