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Updating schedule in p6

Different updating practices are implemented for different reasons, each having varying degrees of efficacy that are well documented.If the major trades have their own schedulers, they may want to provide their own progress updates, optimally in the same scheduling platform as the master schedule.There are any number of different ways a scheduler gathers progress status with which to update his CPM Construction schedule.The accuracy and dependability of the data set will determine the veracity of his critical path.Update progress direct from the general contractor, and ratified by the construction manager is the most popular method chosen by contractors, as they maintain control over progress estimations.For the most part it is difficult for a scheduler to overstate progress, as it will be noticed – if not in the schedule, then certainly in the SOV.

It actually started on May 17, and the finish date now is June 17.

…whereas the Update Progress (Progress Spotlight) feature will update activities which fall within the spotlighted region regardless the status of “Auto Compute Actuals” checkbox.

And this is the rule when Primavera automatically apply the Actual (in both option): Khuong Do is a Project Planner in Civil, Transportation and Oil & Gas Industry.

One of the "weird" things that I have seen is that once I record the actual start date, the start date is set equal to the data date.

To update a project so that it reflects current actual and remaining values, run the Apply Actuals process.

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