Domino updating search site database

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Domino updating search site database

As a user makes changes to documents in a database, the current view for that user is updated immediately.This process is necessary so that the user sees their changes as they occur.Source :… There is probably some new INI setting but getting admins to do this is frustrating, so best thing to do is to get the database updated manually using lotusscript or java.

There may be times when after you've just added a new member into a group in the PAB and this group has certain access assigned to a database.Full-text Indexes are created manually, and are also maintained automatically by UPDATE, or by manually forcing an update.Indexes are not replicated across servers, so each replicated copy of a database needs a full-text index defined.Maybe you can try this setting : Full Text Multi Process=1.The description I found is this : Allows chronos to process full text updates directly, instead of having to add a full text index request to the update queue. Somehting has gone worng with full text immediate for the last few server versions.

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Current Document 'Set up the Current Database in this session Dim db As notesdatabase Set db=session.currentdatabase 'Update the field to allow save of doc.

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