Small penis humiliation chat rooms

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Small penis humiliation chat rooms

Not only does he have a cute face and a hot muscular body, but that delicious uncut cock with trimmed pubic hair looks perfect to suck on and jerk off.

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Three boys at school reported with fearful, hurt expressions that their mothers had recently punished them- punished them nude. Guys a bit older than us, in trouble with the cops. Yeah, every afternoon and she's there checking on them..her maids...and, of course, the guys get stiff just like we would! It would force a big "tent" in the front of his pants. "I'm working on the designs right now," Miss Cuff replied.

Yeah, that's right, they said, with ALL their clothes stripped from them. Sergeant Malone brings them to her, and her maids strip 'em and that's the way they work off their fines. On this occasion he was spared an involuntary erection but not an unpleasant surprise.

Fortunately his Mom had not got round to making Rodney pose at home with those little straps, the posing straps sewn by the coach's mom. They seemed to have vanished into his Mom's deep bedroom cupboard, firmly off limits to her son. But Rodney began hearing strange rumours very soon after those remarks by his mother in the car headed home from his fitting at Logan's. One night in the weights room at Brewer Y his swim team buddy Kerry Fulbright told Rodney that his Mom and many of her friends had started attending those mothers' club meetings at Mrs Reilly's. Even have drinks there..the nude guys forced to serve them! His terror was getting an erection, or even a half erection, while standing up in front of them.

Kerry said they were being pumped with new ideas about discipline for their sons. "Physical discipline...spanking...." His voice trailed off. "...other stuff." He then heaved his next set of dumbbell presses with 40 pounds in each hand. His penis, with its thick head, could not be concealed if it stiffened and poked forward.

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) to be slapped by his tennis-playing mother's ferocious palm while he yelped and danced with pain. Especially as he was kept in the corner- facing outwards as it happened and, yes, getting a hardon- as they had watched Jack Parr and swiped glances between the TV and his direction. "It was the first time she'd seen me like that since I was tiny. Boys discussed the forthcoming medicals in hushed tones, gathered in groups in corridors.

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For one fella- a gangly boy who wore glasses- it had been the old problem of starched semen on his pyjamas- his pyjamas that were suddenly subject to a maternal inspection. Well, this week she has guys working in it- cutting hedges and pulling weeds and trimming the roses- totally fuckin' nude!

In no time his mother had stripped him right there in his bedroom with its model planes and ice hockey sticks and hauled him over her lap- she, seated on his bed, and very eager to use her palm and a hairbrush.

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